About Us

Your Trusted CPA Firm

Since 1994

Founded by Elizabeth Ruble and TJ Leadbetter in 1994, our firm has been the trusted accounting partner to businesses throughout the Coastal Bend for nearly three decades. We take pride in delivering tax services, bookkeeping, payroll, and other accounting solutions that streamline operations and make life easier for business owners.

Our team expanded in 2023 as we welcomed Kendra Kinnison as our Managing Partner. Kendra’s extensive experience in public accounting and corporate leadership injects a fresh perspective and reaffirms our commitment to excellence.

We’re more ready than ever to guide your business towards financial success, leveraging our deep understanding of accounting’s nuanced areas.


We’ve got a heap of experience that we’ve been building up since 1994. 

We’re more than just number crunchers; we’re your go-to guides for all the nitty-gritty details that help make running a business smoother.

Team Oriented

We’re not just a CPA firm; we’re a tight-knit team that values collaboration and mutual support. You’ll find us high-fiving over a resolved tax issue or swapping stories about the latest bookkeeping trends—because when we work together, every client wins.


We’ve been a trusted partner to businesses around the Coastal Bend region for nearly three decades.

Our clients know they can count on us for everything from dotting the i’s on tax returns to keeping the books in order in real time.

America counts on CPAs

Our Founding Partners

Since 1994

Connected by a common client, Elizabeth Ruble and TJ Leadbetter founded the firm in 1994 with a shared vision for serving businesses.

Licensed in 1981, Elizabeth brought a wealth of public accounting experience.

Combined with TJ’s tenure in the State Comptroller’s Office and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, the team was well-positioned to assist business with all their tax filings.

Future Focused

Coming home

 In 1996, Elizabeth and TJ took a chance and hired a young accounting student to work in their growing CPA firm.

“I learned the basics of business accounting, payroll, and tax returns – forming the foundation of my career. I’ve always been grateful for their wisdom and encouragement and we’ve stayed connected all these years,” says Kendra.

In 2022, Kendra returned to public accounting after being in corporate leadership for 15 years. She particularly enjoying getting back into tax projects and helping businesses take advantage of systems and technology.

Teamwork is key

Dedicated to Excellent service

Game On: Unleashing the Power of Teamwork

Picture us like your favorite basketball team – eleven players, each with unique skills and roles, but all united with one goal: to win the financial game for our clients. Our team is composed of three sharp-shooting CPAs, two agile enrolled agents, and a lineup of players who specialize in every niche of the accounting court, from payroll and sales tax to income tax, bookkeeping, and QuickBooks online.

So, how does our team work together to score points for your business? Just like a well-coordinated basketball team, we strategize, pass the ball, and ensure every play is aimed at meeting your financial goals. We keep our eyes fixed on the shot clock, never missing a deadline.

Unified Strengths

We blend unique skills into one cohesive team. This mix amplifies our expertise, enabling us to find innovative solutions.

Overcoming Obstacles

When we face defense in the form of business challenges, we don’t falter. We regroup and develop a new play.

Partnership Mindset

We view each engagement not just as a transaction, but as a partnership. By aligning our expertise with your business goals, we forge a relationship that moves us beyond the numbers.